Getting the mix just right means different lighting options are still being trialled on Whanganui's historic Dublin St Bridge.

The idea to festoon the steelwork on the bridge came from Whanganui district councillor Rob Vinsen who said he saw a similar bridge adorned with lights "and it looked fantastic".

Mr Vinsen said that work was commissioned last year to light up the bridge through external fundraising.

The proposal has received the support of the public art strategy group and members of the Powerco Community Trust Board.


The trial will cost the district council about $5000, but Mr Vinsen said the $90,000 estimate for the lighting will come from fundraising. "It was decided to trial one span only and Strong Electrical installed fittings late last year. But there was an insufficient throw of light beams along the structure so further fittings were required," he said.

A new lighting set-up was put in place last week but it was still not right.

"Rather than a wash of light over the structural elements, the new fittings have introduced very strong horizontal beams. Our intention is to carry on the very attractive downtown blue theme upriver to Dublin St Bridge, and to have the added versatility to be able to change the colour when we wanted,"

Mr Vinsen said. what people were seeing at the moment was "not the final look, so there's no need for concern".