Further investigation of the smelly green fluid problem in Whanganui has revealed the pipe is from the Landguard Bluff army barracks.

The smell was from wastewater discharge.

Whanganui District Council spokeswoman Cass Alexander said the council's building team "has been in contact with the army about this. The army has undertaken to maintain the current system and have its septic tanks emptied to prevent any further discharge, until a more permanent result can be achieved."

On February 25 the Chronicle reported that a putrid, green fluid was discharging into the Whanganui River.


The pipe runs under the unsealed road between the army huts and South Beach, and flows into the river.

"We took the photo when many people were at the fishing competition weigh-in at the army compound," the woman said. "The fluid, whatever it was, was a bright green colour but the stench coming from it was disgusting."

She said the discharge accumulated in a pool on the mudflats about 6m from the outfall and well below the high tide mark.

The council's infrastructure team had earlier used a green dye to trace the source of the discharge.