Whanganui was warmer than usual last month but with average rainfall, according to figures released by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa).

Niwa climate scientist Chris Brandolino said the mean maximum temperature in Whanganui during January was 23.5C, compared to the typical average of 22.5C. The mean minimum temperature was 15.1C, compared to the typical average of 14.0C.

"Both of these temperatures are considered above average," Mr Brandolino said.
The highest temperature for the month was 28.3C recorded on January 18, while the lowest was 7.6C on the morning of January 5.

Mr Brandolino said Whanganui's rainfall for January was 64.4mm, just slightly above the average of 59.2mm. Compare this to January 2015, when just 1.6mm of rain fell on Whanganui - the third-driest month Whanganui has experienced since records began in 1890.