Light rain added a touch of authenticity to the Turakina Highland Games over the weekend, a spokesperson says.

"The morning started off with a light shower, so it was a traditional Scottish morning," Debbie Benton said. "But it came out into a beautiful day with cloud cover. It was actually quite nice, it wasn't too hot."

Mrs Benton said the games, held on Saturday, were "absolutely brilliant".

Fourteen pipe bands competed, including three youth pipe bands.


"That's really good to see all the young people getting involved. Our soloists played really well in the morning. They played in the light rain - it didn't seem to put anybody off, that's for sure.

"I tell you what was a real highlight was having the Scottish regiment of the army here. They came in with some of their big vehicles and they built almost like a little camp site."

It was the first time the regiment had attended the games and they were all "looking very handsome" in their kilts, she said.

While visitor numbers were lighter in the morning, likely because of the rain, overall it was about the same number as usual, she said.

"Festivities went on until late into the night, which is good to relax, take the weight off your feet, listen to the band play and dance."

Mrs Benton said there seemed to be more people camping there for the night so they could stay as late as they wanted.