John and Christine Rocke don't believe in UFOs, but when a drone landed in their Whanganui backyard it almost made them converts.

Mrs Rocke was standing in the back porch of the couple's Young St home in Whanganui East last Friday when she noticed "something" in garden.

"I thought it was a dead seagull at first, hanging the way it was," she said.

Mr Rocke checked it out and discovered the "seagull" was actually a remote toy drone. There were no little green men coming out of the now identified flying object so there was no need to call security services, Nasa or any other agency that deals with alien objects.


"It was probably some kid's Christmas present. We've made a few inquiries and reckon it's worth about $100," he said.

It's the first unidentified flying object to touch down in the Rockes' garden, probably carried along on the very strong winds blowing across the city last Friday.

"I just feel sorry for the poor kid who's only had it a few weeks. Somebody may have been around the neighbourhood knocking on doors looking for their drone.

"We'll keep it at home until someone gives us a call."

If you think the drone is yours, phone Mr Rocke on 021 230 1233.