Taskforce Green workers will help Wanganui clean up.
Social Development Minister Anne Tolley today announced extra support for Wanganui after the flooding.
At this stage up to $250,000 would be made available for Taskforce Green which would cover four clean-up teams working for 14 weeks.
"I've activated Enhanced Task Force Green (ETFG), a temporary employment programme which will employ local beneficiaries to help with the clean-up operation," Mrs Tolley said.
"Whanganui and the surrounding areas have been hit hard by severe flooding and the Government is pitching in with additional support for the flooded region."
The scheme will cover wages for workers and supervisors employed by local councils to help with the clean-up operation in areas where there is too much damage for local councils to manage alone.
Beneficiaries in the area will help in cleaning debris and repairing damaged property, fences and infrastructure.
"The damage appears extensive and I'm certain the extra hands will be a welcome relief," Mrs Tolley said.
She said work was underway to assess clean-up requirements and the teams will be available as quickly as possible. Support may increase as more assessments on the recovery are completed.
"Additional hardship support is available through Work and Income for those in need and I encourage people affected by the storms to get in touch to see what assistance they may be eligible for."