Megan Papas Is On A Skincare Journey

Megan Papas. Photo / Supplied

From breaking bad habits to creating new routines, the radio presenter, mum and beauty aficionado shares her experience with Neostrata’s new Clarify Collection.

What are your initial thoughts on the new Clarify Collection from Neostrata?

As someone who is quite sensitive to fragrances, I’m enjoying the fact that the Neostrata range isn’t hugely scented. The products feel super silky on your skin too. The Mandelic Mattifying Serum and the Exfoliating Mask specifically feel super soft, and not heavy.

Have you adopted a new routine to ensure you are using the products regularly?

Although I am slightly embarrassed to admit, I probably don’t cleanse my skin as well as I should, I have started cleansing AND toning. I am horrified at how much make up still comes off when I use the Oily Skin Solution, commonly known as a toner, so that has become my new routine, and probably should have always been!

What habits are you hoping to break?

I get pretty lazy at night, I will cleanse in the shower with the Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser, and I figure that’s enough to get my makeup off. I wear a lot of makeup every day, so I really should be more thorough in taking it off! So, I’m hoping to get into a better cleansing habit.

What are the most immediate changes you have noticed?

I have noticed my skin tone has evened out. I had been getting a few blemishes that have cleared up, and my dry patches are not as noticeable.

Do you have a favourite in the range?

My favourite is the Exfoliating Mask. It feels so silky on your skin, and it’s so easy to use. When you think of doing a mask, it conjures up a lot of admin in your mind, put it on, wait to dry, potentially rinse off. This process is simplified. You just put it on, leave it overnight, and you wash it off as part of your morning cleansing routine. No extra work, it is so satisfying.

When using the mask do you have any tips on how to optimise the experience?

Initially when I started using the Exfoliating Mask, I was trying to rub it in, which means I didn’t pay enough attention to the instructions — just apply a thin layer on top of the skin and that’s it. It will soak in and do its thing, trust me! And it feels cool and soothing while it soaks in.

Clarify Collection from Neostrata. Photo / Supplied
Clarify Collection from Neostrata. Photo / Supplied

How have you found doing a full skin routine while juggling the morning and evening routines with a toddler in tow? It actually isn’t an arduous or time-consuming routine. The products are easy to use, including the Exfoliating Mask, I just put it on my skin before I go to bed and let the mask do the work while I sleep. Then as part of my morning cleansing routine, I wash the mask off.

Have you adopted a double cleanse habit?

I am actually really proud of my new cleansing habits. I always took my makeup off, but that involved a cleanser in the shower and that’s it. I now use the Oily Skin Solution as well, and I cleanse and tone morning and night. It’s amazing what comes off the skin, especially when you think you’ve done a good job of cleansing already.

People often associate a serum with a highly hydrating, glossy finish, how have you found using a Mandelic Mattifying serum?

The serum is so lovely! It’s light and silky, not greasy, and it doesn’t leave a glossy finish. It soaks into your skin and leaves it feeling velvety.

What have you learnt about your skin throughout this journey? I complain a lot about my skin, but I’ve learnt if I make more of an effort to look after it, it actually makes a huge difference. You get out what you put in.

Do you think a multi-step skin routine is worth it?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it, I can feel the difference, and although there are multiple steps in the process, each step does something different for your skin.

What product has become a staple?

The Mandelic Mattifying Cleanser is really is lovely, it’s velvety, and doesn’t feel like it’s drying out your skin. It doesn’t lather up like soap, it’s a smooth gentle cleanser, that also takes off my makeup so easily!

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