Watch & Listen: Dreamy Songs To Lull You To Sleep

By Dan Ahwa
Madonna's surrealist video for 'Bedtime Story' (1994) directed by Mark Romanek. Photo / Supplied

'Sleep to Dream' by Fiona Apple (1996)

'Asleep' by The Smiths (1986)

'Badhead' by Blur (1994)

'Bedtime Story' by Madonna (1994)

'When I go to Sleep at Night' by The Chiffons (1963)

'Daysleeper' by R.E.M (1998)

'All I have to do is Dream' by The Everly Brothers (1958)

'How do you Sleep?' by Sam Smith (2020)

'Golden Slumbers' by The Beatles (1969)

'Only When I Sleep' by The Corrs (1997)

'Sounds Asleep' by Blondie (1979)

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