Up Close with Matilda Rice

By Rosie Kelway
Matilda Rice. Picture / Supplied.

You may have heard of Matilda Rice from a little television show called The Bachelor. She was the winner of season one and Art Green's heart and now, the new face of Jockey, appearing in the underwear giant's latest Kiwi campaign. We chatted to Matilda about fashion, wellbeing, Instagram and more.

How do you try to keep a balanced lifestyle and stay fit and healthy?
I keep a balanced healthy lifestyle by doing anything that makes me happy, getting lots of sleep, and keeping my stress levels as low as possible. I'm a huge advocate of listening to your body, for example, if I'm too tired to exercise or need a break, I never force myself. I used to hate running because I forced myself to do it for fat loss, whereas now I love going out for a run because I only really do it when I get "the urge" and it's a nice sunny day! Stress can be a huge trigger for unhealthy habits, so it's really important to find your own ways of managing it – for me, it's putting things in to perspective and taking time for myself to go for a walk, get a coffee, or spend time with people that make me laugh.

Tell me about where you grew up – how did this influence your thinking and approach to life?
I was born in Sydney, and moved to Waiheke Island with my parents and sister when I was five until I was about 14. I love Waiheke, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. There's something pretty rare about going to school with your togs under your clothes and having your Dad pick you up and go straight to the beach for the rest of the day. We lived in a rural part of Waiheke too, so on weekends my mum, sister and I used to ride horses through bush tracks to these amazing bays with not one other person on them. I think growing up in such a beautiful place makes you appreciate the simpler things in life. I'm extremely easy-going now (sometimes a bit too much), and I think my upbringing played a huge part in that.

Has Art influenced your fitness routine or passion for wellbeing and fitness?
I've always been passionate about wellbeing and fitness, but Art has been a great motivator for me. I used to occasionally get frustrated if I wasn't looking a certain way after putting a whole heap of effort in to diet and exercise, but Art has helped me to realise that it isn't about that – it's about treating your body how it deserves to be treated with good food and moving your body. Plus it helps having someone beside you on a cold morning to push you out of bed!

Are you paleo now?
Not completely, there's no way I'm ever giving up cheese or chocolate (food of the gods), but I'd say I'm about 80 per cent paleo. I'm all about having a treat every now and then!

Tell me about the Jockey campaign day? What was the most exciting part of the campaign?
The Jockey campaign shoot day was so much fun. It can be quite daunting posing in your undies in front of a crew of people, but the Jockey team were amazing to work with so I felt completely comfortable and we had lots of laughs! The most exciting part was probably seeing how beautiful the images looked as they popped up on the computer. Amazing what good lighting and a talented photographer can do!

What are you reading, listening to and watching at the moment?
I'm reading a book called The Hundred-Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson, it's adorable and absolutely hilarious. I've also recently got addicted to Narcos on Netflix. Although I'm currently watching a pitiful 20 minutes or so a night, this is why I never get to the end of TV series, it's such a commitment!

What are the top five beauty products you swear by?
1. Snowberry cleanser and toner, it's all natural and has done wonders for my skin!
2. LoveSkin Face oil, morning and night. I swear by that stuff, I hardly use moisturiser on my face anymore
3. Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama mascara (it's amazing, especially when you have hardly any lashes like me)
4. Bobbi Brown bronzer
5. Just good old ChapStick! I don't wear lipstick that much as it comes off so easily, so ChapStick gives a tiny bit of natural colour while stopping my lips from drying out.

What's your morning hair routine? 
For work, my hair is pretty low maintenance – I just dry it quickly and I'm good to go. Weekends or before an event is a different story, I blow wave it properly (which takes a million years) and put hot rollers in so I look like a 50s housewife. Very time consuming, but the end result is worth it.

Who cuts and colours your hair?
Shannon Bunn at Newmarket Servilles, he is amazing. But anyone at Newmarket Servilles is incredible!

Who are your favourite brands or fashion designers, and why?
I'm an Auckland cliché and love activewear… Jockey is my favourite "athleisure wear" brand as it's super versatile (for those days where I intend to exercise but end up at brunch), and really comfortable. For more "dressier brands", I spend far too much money at Seed Heritage, and love designers such as Camilla & Marc and Julian Danger. I'd describe my personal style as classic and feminine so these designers are right up my alley.

What has been your most liked Instagram snap to date? What do you think makes a good 'gram?
My most liked picture was a soppy wee number I put up for Art's birthday 7 weeks ago. I have no idea what makes a good 'gram, I think it's just moments that matter to you, which is different for everyone. Sometimes I want a beautiful nature shot, sometimes I want a cat riding a vacuum cleaner.

Matilda's most liked Instagram picture ( left) and her during a 29km run. Pictures / @matootles
Matilda's most liked Instagram picture ( left) and her during a 29km run. Pictures / @matootles

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