Isolation 101: Actor Chris Parker Turns To Felting & We Are Here For It

By Sarah Downs
Comedian Chris Parker. Photo / Supplied

What I'm watching
Our bubble just finished watching the three Austin Powers movies, I really wish I knew why. But it has set the mood for our isolation. Biggest takeaways most of it still stands up (although a few jokes have dated HEAVILY). Dr Evil is truly one of the greatest characters ever created.

What I'm reading
Swimming In The Dark by Tomasz Jedrowski. I picked it up from Unity Books before everything closed. I've only started it. But I picked it because the cover screamed Gay Romance, and low and behold I was right.

What I'm listening to
Nadia Reid's new album Out of My Province. Nadia's music deeply connects me to the South Island. She has the voice of an angel, and her songwriting is heavenly. Perfect music to listen to while you convince yourself to bake bread for the first time, despite not knowing how to bake bread.

The hobby I've taken up
I've taken up felting. Look, I don't know why, or how, but it's come into my life in a big way. Essentially it's the craft of slowing stabbing wool with a needle till it becomes a shape. It sounds insane and really it is. I bought them as little packs from Daiso Japan. I've made a hedgehog wearing a hat, a Yorkshire terrier (that looks quite real) and a bunny in a shoe. It's helping me with my anxiety which is fab. I think at the end I'm going to sew them all onto a large hat. You can follow the journey on my Instagram @chrisparker11 if it's your thing.

During isolation...Chris Parker gets really good at felting. Photos / @chrisparker11
During isolation...Chris Parker gets really good at felting. Photos / @chrisparker11

The thing that made me laugh this week
I just watched Madeline Chapman's Instastory of her parodying everyone doing the '10 pushup challenge', with her own version The 10 Kegel Challenge. Watching people look down their phones while doing kegels had me screaming with laughter. I hope she saved it as a collection.

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