What do we do when this is over? What happens when our bubbles burst and we're free to move and associate at will?

I hope we'll continue to support each other and be there when needed, as we did when the world was stricken with pestilence.

People will still be lonely, frightened and unsure how to behave after weeks of lockdown.

We will still have old and vulnerable people who will need help, company and assurance that they are not alone and that there will still be someone around to lend them a hand.


One way to continue the empathy learned through isolation and the tiny bubble syndrome, is to support Whanganui businesses as they regroup and try to recover after a long period of hardship. They were there for us before lockdown and we hope they are able to be there for us as things free up and business can resume.

As they were there for us, we should be there for them.

So you've learned how to shop on-line? Fine, but remember how it was when you went into a shop or business and got personal, helpful service? A smile, gift-wrapping and a bit of conversation is not part of the on-line package.

Save your on-line shopping for things you just cannot get locally, but for everything else, support Whanganui business and get our city back on its feet.

Midweek and Whanganui Chronicle are supporting Go Local!, an initiative to encourage Whanganui people to help local businesses get back up and running and try to repair as much of the Covid-19 damage as possible.

For small businesses it has been tough and the struggle for profitability has been replaced by the hope of survival, clinging on till the worst is over and trading can resume. When their doors open, they want to see Whanganui people there, supporting them, congratulating them for coming out of this intact, and using their services and buying their product.

Our job as citizens is to put our money back into this community and restart our local economy.

It's the only way Whanganui can get back to "normal" and everyone can prosper.