Banish winter skin issues like dullness or dry patches with these tried-and-tested solutions.

If winter has your skin looking less than its best, never fear – there are some easy steps you can add to your routine to get skin back to its healthy, happy glow.

Symptom: Dullness

Skin can lose some of its natural lustre for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, dullness is one of the most visible signs we have that our skin could do with some extra TLC.


Solution: Exfoliating treatment

Exfoliation can help you get that glow back by revealing newer, fresher-looking skin. A microdermabrasion facial, which uses crystals to help resurface the skin, is an advanced exfoliation treatment that can deliver visible results by decongesting the skin, encouraging cell turnover and stimulating collagen creation.

Symptom: Dry skin

Winter weather can make the symptoms of dry skin more apparent, whether it's persistent flaky patches that won't go away or an overall feeling of tightness and dehydrated skin.

Solution: Skin-soothing infusion

Soothe dry skin with a custom infusion of skin-nourishing ingredients, delivered deeper into the dermis of the skin. Our sonophoresis infusion treatment uses sound waves to allow the infusion (chosen specifically for you by your Caci beauty therapist) to penetrate deeper than a topical skincare product can, working to improve dehydration over time.

Symptom: Redness

It can be tough dealing with persistent redness, a common skin condition that many women and men experience. For some, the colder seasons can also have an effect on the appearance of their redness.

Solution: Calming facial

At Caci, we offer a signature Murad facial designed for even the most sensitive skin, which works to reduce irritation, dryness, discomfort and inflammation. It strengthens the skin's protective barrier function and restores suppleness – and can be a great option for those looking to calm reddened skin.