A couple of Whanganui flatmates have turned to Facebook to offload an unwanted homemade coffin.

Jesse Hosie made the coffin last year while he was student at City College.

It was intended for his nana but she didn't want it so it sat lying around his flat until now.

The coffin is made from a mixture of pine bracing and MDF.


"I got the idea from (the ply base) lying around in my shed and my nana was dying so I thought, well, I might as well get the lid made so that we had something for her," Mr Hosie said.

"I did this at school (last year) with some help from my teacher. We went through the base which was damaged and fixed all damages and covered up what couldn't be fixed... put on some handles.

"The lid was made out of two sets of MDF laminated together."

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Jesse Hosie, Curtis Curry Jeano Hosie Vaughn Holt and Jefferson Cameron-Kemp guys trying to sell a coffin. Video By Stuart Munro

"She decided she didn't want it. So we needed some space so we could get some money to make new furniture for people."

Mr Hosie's friend Curtis Curry listed the coffin on the Facebook page Buy, Sell, Swap Wanganui.

It advertised and finished but undressed and standing at 190cm tall.

"It's probably the most fun time I've had on Buy, Sell, Swap," Mr Curtis said.

Comments came quickly with people joking of measuring up relatives and wondering if it was fire proof in the event they ended up "down stairs".

The pair had a look around and settled on an asking price of $1000.

So far there have been no takers.