Kilts, cabers and bagpipes - this year's Highland Games had it all.

Every summer since 1864 the Scottish clans of New Zealand have descended on the small Rangatikei town of Turakina for the Highland Games.

The Highland Games in Scotland are considered to be the inspiration for the modern Olympics, a Highland Games combines music, dance and brute strength to create unique events like sheaf tossing and tug of war.

This year the competition was fierce with teams including the NZ Army. Second Lieutenant, Jossh Elton was talking up his chances.


"We are the New Zealand Scottish Squadron," he said. "We've been here for the last six or seven years to compete and hopefully take it out."

There was plenty of silverware to be won and once the awards were over the competitors dispersed for a dram or two, having played a part in keeping Scottish culture in New Zealand alive and well.

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