High-tide fishing can produce some very impressive fish when conditions allow. And so the case proved when 34 club members and four visitors participated in the Kauri Arms-sponsored field day on September 24, fishing from 9am to 4pm over a 3.3m high tide.

This produced 19 snapper, two trevally, 119 kahawai and one parore.

Dave Hallett reeled in an impressive 8.81kg snapper to take out first place and bag the heaviest snapper caught this calendar year.

Dave Hallett wound in the catch of the day with a 8.81 kg snapper.
Dave Hallett wound in the catch of the day with a 8.81 kg snapper.

Heaviest trevally and second place was secured by Skarn Hokai with 4.05kg fish. Hokai had a good day's fishing, also reeling in a 6.90kg snapper and a large ocean-going kahawai of 2.93kg. Unfortunately a single angler can only claim one prize so he took a prize with his trevally.


Other prize winners were: 3) Dan Needham with a 2.74kg kahawai; 4) Ken Tyler with a 4.35kg snapper; 5) Dan Lloyd with a 2.39kg trevally; 6) Steve Maisey with a 2.53kg kahawai; 7) Miko Rogers with a 4.33kg snapper; 8) Phil Kake with a 2.51kg kahawai; 9) Mark Frost with a 2.91kg snapper; 10) Gareth McKenzie with a 2.51kg kahawai.

The haggle of a 2.40kg snapper was won by Miko Rogers with his kahawai of 2.39kg and special prize for a junior angler went to Kaiden Craig.

The honours for the most active angler went to Miko Rogers, reeling in nine snapper and one kahawai, with Ken Tyler's six snapper earning him runner-up spot.

Club officials thanked Mark and Denise Frost from Kauri Arms who sponsored a barbecue and lots of drawn prizes.

Coming up this weekend (Sunday October 15) from 9am - 4pm) fishing a 2.9m 12.30 low tide is the field day where two great trophies are fished for: the Blue Worthy trophy for the heaviest snapper caught on a set October field day and the Keith Smith Memorial trophy for the heaviest kahawai caught on a set October field day.

Club members are hoping the big ocean-going kahawai are still around, which make for great fishing.

For further information on the club contact Jack Rogers in working hours on (09) 408 2660.