Hikurangi Bowling Club:

Belton Memorial AC 2x4x2 Pairs sponsored by North End Contractors:
1st: Steve and Betty Mitchell 3.5 wins, 23 ends, 44 shots; 2nd: Leanne Stewart, Graeme Lawrence 3 wins, 24 ends, 47 shots; 3rd: Frank Arnerich, Ken Fitness 3 wins, 23 ends, 37 shots.

Next tournament: Sunday, May 19, AC Triples.

Kensington Bowling Club:


Columbus Coffee Domestic A/C Triples (April 11):
1st: E. Coates, J. Hooson, D. Hooson; 2nd: P. Reader, L. Reader, T. Cordeaux; 3rd: C. Van Haaften, E. Van Haaften, M. Bentley.

The Falls Estate A/C Open Triples (April 21)
1st: P. Warth, E. Van Haaften, S. James; 2nd: B. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, P. Mitchell; 3rd: M. Haslam, D. Haslam, R. Thomas.

Kensington Tavern Drawn Domestic Pairs (May 2)
1st: G. Bush, T. Cordeaux; 2nd: E. Coates, J. O' Neil.

Marist/Horahora Bowling Club:

Teams event (May 6):
1st: Ton Kaan, Peter Cebalo, Bruce Dawson; 2nd: Dave Ross, Kath Love, Marie Lloyd.

Dargaville Bowling Club:

Closing Day/Mixed Pairs sponsored by Len and Anne Radonich, our club patron and patroness (May 5):
1st: Eric and Margaret Smitton, 4 wins, 31 ends, 69 points; 2nd: Diane Klomp and Chris Clausen, 4 wins, 31 ends, 65 points; 3rd: Allan and Totty Rakich, 3 wins.

The summer season may be over, but a full winter programme is on for anyone interested.



Northland Golf Club:

Nine-hole division (May 1) - putting, with 35 players:
1st division: Jo Brunker, 14; 2nd division: Anthea Laurence, 14; 3rd division: Chris Evans, 16; c/back Rae Taylor.
Men's division: Trevor Wallace 12.

Sherwood Park Golf Club:

Mixed Teams tournament (May 2):
1st: Ted Glover, Bruce Pickford, Paul Stretch and Kim Han - 124 points; 2nd: Robert Nathan, Tony Horton, Noel Johnstone and Wayne Hardy - 123; 3rd: Barbara Barrell, Marie Walker, Dave Barrell and Ray Walker - 122; 4th: Robyn Mulholland, Pam Pasma, Wally Small and Kevin Sharrock - 121; 5th: Brian Boys, Leith Whatmough, Terry Powell and Ken Stubbing - 120; 6th: Kerry Rabe, Vance Alison, Naylor Stopforth and Sherrill Jeeves - 118; 7th: Fay Wearne, Marilyn Gilbert, Noel Futter and Russell Foster - 113; 8th: Ineko Nakaizumi, Shigeru Nakaizumi, Mirian Corbett and Mark Bogle c/b - 113; 9th: Grant Kay, Sharron Kuljish, Lena Te Waiti and Rima Te Waiti - 112.
Twos: Glenis Webb, Jeannie Allen, Kerry Rabe, Robyn Mulholland, John Fischer, Han Kim, Shigeru Nakaizumi, Kevin Sharrock

Maid Marion tournament (May 8-9):

Division one: Robyn Mulholland/Linda Garner: 133 points; Sherrill Jeeves/Beryl McLeod: 131; Diane Norris/Merle Mounsey: 131; Trish Hill/Marilyn Trent: 130; Iris Bartlett/Jenny McDowell: 129; Jeannie Allen/Marie Walker: 128.

Division two: Jan Wallace/Patsy Bond: 134; Terene Campbell/ Coleen West: 133; Raewyn Bradley/ Caryn Attwood: 129; Mary Jack/ Eileen Aukett: 127; Leesa Babe/ Erin Gunson: 125; Bronwyn Reynolds/Frances Warren: 123.

Twos: Cathy Lloyd/ Val Syers, Maureen Simpson/Kath Peacock, Sherrill Jeeves/Beryl McLeod, Val Lawrie/ Viv Webb, Robyn Mulholland, Libby Long.

Indoor bowls

Whareora Indoor Bowling Club:

Drawn Pairs (May 1):

1st: Eleanor & Paddy Holt - 4 wins, 15 ends, 32 points; 2nd: Alan McFarlane, Heather Jaggard - 3 wins, 18 ends, 32 points; 3rd: Dave Dobson, Robyn Goffin - 3 wins, 17 ends, 33 points; 4th: Betty Corney, Ian Goffin - 3 wins, 17 ends, 31 points.

Drawn Fours (May 4):

1st: Dave Wark, Topsy Wynyard, Allyson Hayward, Tui Slade - 4 wins, 23 ends, 48 points; 2nd: Inez Bunting, Dallas Campbell, Grant Whalen, Kath Love - 4 wins, 21 ends, 37 points; 3rd: Mike Riceman, Noel Bailey, Judy Cook, Robyn Goffin - 3.5 wins, 22 ends, 43 points.

Drawn Pairs (May 8):

1st: Alan McFarlane, Eleanor Holt, Paddy Holt - 3 wins, 29 points; 2nd: Evan Yeates, Betty Corney, Heather Jaggard, Fay McFarlane - 2 wins, 26 points.

Whangārei Indoor Bowling Association:

Interclub (May 9):
A grade: North End - Ton Kaan, Mike Riceman, Bruce Dawson, Lyn Nisbet.
B grade: Onerahi - Roland O'Gorman, Pauline Palmer, S O'Gorman, Ivan Yovich.

Interclub A grade (four teams) B grade (five teams):

A grade (April 11): Marist/Horahora - Murray Madden, Inez Bunting, Allyson Hayward, Kath Love.
B grade: Kauri - Dave Wark, Shirley Wark, Des Taylor, Dave Cobbald.
B grade (May 2): Ruatangata - Charlie Agnew, Alan Agnew, Grant Whalen, Bryan Hoult.

McLeod Bay Indoor Bowls Club:

Gas Parua Bay Sponsored Triples (May 7):
1st: Lorna Wuthrich, Bob Black and Jack Mortimore - 2 wins, 1 loss. 12/26;
2nd: Geoff MacDonald, Bill White and Neale Fairweather 2 wins, 1 loss. 12/25.

Harriet Tregoweth, Sandra Hutter

April aggregate:
Women: Lorna Wuthrich; men: Ernie Wuthrich.

Kauri Indoor Bowling Club:

Drawn Pairs Championship (May 1):
1st: Michael Riceman and Jan Bartleet; 2nd: Topsy Wynyard and Des Taylor.

Club Night (May 8)
1st: Topsy Wynyard and Alamaine Pickery; 2nd: Dave Ross, Eric Johnston and Jan Bartleet.

Onerahi Indoor Bowling Club:

Whangarei Toolshed Championship Pairs (May 8):
1st: Liz Sefton, Kay Bush - 3 Wins, 23 ends, 40 points; 2nd: John Ross, George Walker - 3 wins, 20 ends, 31 points.