Recent terrible weather has disrupted the NZ Trust-sponsored tournament, conducted by the Auckland Centre, which has been in progress since last Saturday.

Well done to those who have qualified from our centre, keep up the good work. The finals of the event will be on Sky TV this Saturday and Sunday, commencing at 9am.

The following is the draw and conditions of play for the Centre 1-5 Year Junior Singles to be played on Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that I have one vacancy in the women's singles at Whangarei. Please contact Gwen 43 73050 or 027 3298011 for an entry.


Women at Whangarei. Start time is 8.45am:

S. Dean, S. Rokstad, Y. Pitman, L. Springett, C. Neeley, G. Sandilands, S. McCormick, J. MacKenzie, A. Greenwood, bye C. Lineham, E. Hamber, J. Little, K. Cooper, S. Egerton, T. Harris.

Players are reminded that they must supply markers (one for each two members of a club).

Men at One Tree Point:

E. McGregor, G. Wintle, K.Rozell, S. Morrison, P. Price, K. McLeod, T. Naera, D. Smeath, A. Drew, A. Gundy, B. Roberts, D. Smith, E. O'Donnell, G. Egerton.

Men at Onerahi:

G. Wood, G. Wright, J. Cooper, K. Blincow, K. Brush, K. Stewart, L.Michelle, L. Scott, M. Cassidy, M. Curran, P. Shotter, R. McLean, R. Taylor, S. Wilson.

Post-section play on Sunday will be at Waipu greens.


The first-year singles tournament is scheduled to be played on Sunday, February 25. Entries have been slow and clubs should encourage their first-year bowlers to enter this event.

Entries will be accepted up until Monday. This is the only time that they can play against players of equal ability, so please give them your support.

Club tournaments for next week are - February 17-18: Finals of NZ Trust event in Auckland; Feb 17: Kamo Men's Triples; Dargaville Mx Triples; Feb 18: Kitty Hawks @ Kamo (Men); Arapohue Mx Pairs; Feb 19: Mt Manaia MX Triples; Feb 20: Maungakaramea AC Triples; Feb 21: Hikurangi Women's Sixes; Whg AC Triples 4.30pm;
Feb 22: Waipu MX Pairs; Feb 23: One Tree Pt AC Triples.