Northland's Grace Hegh is a flipping good tumbler.

The 10-year-old cheerleader recently dominated a national competition, with her pass - a punch-front roundoff-back handspring-double twist - outperforming even the senior tumblers.

Grace is a flyer and tumbler in the Level 4 all-girl Fantasy team Remix, who also placed first in their division at the same competition - the Rock n Cheer Nationals in Auckland last month.

"I am ecstatic about the win," Grace says.


Her next goal is the World Cheerleading Championships in Florida. All that's restricting her is her age. To compete in Worlds you must be 17.

The Okaihau resident trains 18 hours a week, and is on three Fantasy Cheerleading teams, and the NZ Development team which trains in Auckland every Sunday. That means travelling about 1340km a week to train.

Mum Andrea Hegh says she's become a "permanent taxi driver" for Grace.

"Grace isn't an only child, either - she has two older siblings and a younger brother. We are incredibly fortunate for the support of Grace's Fantasy coach, Toni Saunders, for all her help and for allowing us to sell bows at the gym to try to help in some small way with all the travel costs and the overseas travel, which is compulsory for her NZ team."

Fantasy Cheerleading coach Toni Saunders says she proud of Grace's achievements, including her standing tumble such as a standing full twist (a twisting back flip from standing still).

"She has only being doing cheer for four years, and for her to get the skills at her age is remarkable," she said.

New Zealand Cheerleading Association spokesperson Rebecca Moen agrees. "No one else her age is pulling these skills," she said. "It's just incredible - I can't even believe how talented she is. Plus, she is hugely committed."

Grace is in the NZ Development team, which Ms Moen describes as the "feeder team for Team New Zealand".

"It's really exciting for us because each year we are taking the top athletes to ICU [world championships] and to have people like Grace already at this level at such a young age is great."

Grace remains humble and grounded, says Ms Hegh. "Grace is not full of herself, which is pretty surprising, when she is fast becoming a bit of a cheerlebrity with kids asking to have their photos taken with her."

You can view Grace's tumbling by liking her Facebook page - search "Grace Hegh".