Monsters come out in Kawakawa and Kerikeri

Kawakawa and Kerikeri were invaded by hundreds of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, zombies, Ninjas, scarecrows, witches and trolls – you name it – on Tuesday evening as the two towns celebrated Halloween, a festival which has its roots in the belief that the spirits of the dead return to haunt the living one night a year. In Kawakawa’s event, organised as always by Chevy Taylor even though she now lives in Hamilton, the kids followed a trick-or-treat trail around main street businesses, ran around in a disco and had free train rides, with even Timmy the train decorated in a Halloween theme. Further north, in the Kerikeri Primary School PTA Monster Mash, the kids followed a trick-or-treat trail around the classrooms, competed in a cake-making contest, played on a giant inflatable slide, braved a tunnel of doom, and danced in a glow-in-the-dark disco. Both events aimed to gives kids a chance to dress up and enjoy the Halloween spirit without demanding lollies at strangers’ doors. Photos by Peter de Graaf.