Opua puts boot into Welly wanging

Opua held its annual ''Welly wanging'' contest on Saturday, in which competitors who managed to throw a gumboot the greatest distance went home with a swag of donated prizes and the coveted Golden Welly trophy. The challenge was hosted by the Roadrunner Tavern with the proceeds paying for repairs to Opua School's chookhouse. The chickens turn the kids' lunch scraps into eggs, used in egg sandwich lunches every Monday, and are a key part of the school's environmental ethos. The best throw on Saturday was more than 27m by Opua man Jason Linton. Prizes were also awarded for ''random acts of wanging'', which included landing a gumboot on the pub roof (not mentioning any names, Vicky Houry) and breaking the pub's outside light (Brad Batterton). The full results are: Juniors (6-10): 1 Anita Caswell, 13.28m; 2 Tane van de Donk, 12.54m. Juniors (11-15): 1 Brad Batterton, 16.22m; 2 Rachel Gorman, 14.41m. Ladies: 1 Anneli Sedion, 17.20m; 2 Clare O'Gormen, 15.96m. Men: 1 Jason Linton, 27.12m; 2 Wattie Whatmough, 18.78m. Golden oldies: 1 Chris Ball, 16.75m; 2 Roger Porter, 12.23m.