A long sink hole has appeared in the middle of a Whangārei street on the edge of the city business centre.

The 4-metre long and in places up to 1 metre deep sink hole developed in Norfolk St just before 1pm yesterday. Civil engineering and water reticulation companies investigated the situation and closed off the northbound lane of the street, which is a mix of commercial and residential properties.

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Sinkhole in Norfolk St Whangarei

Norfolk St runs northward off the Fire Brigade Hill end of Dent St and parallel to bluff above the lower Hatea Rd.

At edition time there were no contractors at the scene, although road cones and a cage over the hole had been installed to keep traffic well away from the failed section of road.


Street resident and Whangārei District councillor Phil Halse said he did not have concerns about a bigger drop developing at the site as there appeared to be no water at the bottom of the hole.

Halse said it was likely the layer under the road surface had broken up because of the volume of traffic, including trucks, using the road.

There were no council staff available to speak about the sinkhole, an investigation into its cause and likely remedial work. Contractor company staff said they were unable to talk to the media.