A hammer and a fistful of nails to attach a piece of plywood to a smashed dairy window.

It's becoming an all too familiar scene around Whangarei as criminals target dairies and food markets for expensive tobacco products.

Glass shattered across the floor of Sunnyside Foodmarket after a stolen vehicle was driven through the shop window on Station Rd, Kamo, about 5.30am yesterday.

A clean-up was under way yesterday morning as customers streamed in and were asking what had happened.


The owner, plus workers and family members, were vacuuming glass shards from the floor and nailing a board to the door until a glazier and builder could repair the damage. Nothing was taken after the door was smashed in.

The shop owner, who did not want to be named, was remaining positive.

"Everyone is safe and there is always tomorrow."

He would be making an insurance claim to recoup some of the damage costs.

Security camera footage had been handed to police.

Also hit by thieves targeting cigarettes was Parua Bay Four Square about 5.15am yesterday. The panel in a front window was smashed and a till damaged, and while they tried to prise open the tobacco cabinet they left empty handed.

Police were also looking at security camera footage of the burglary.

The car used to ram the Sunnyside Foodmarket was stolen from a property in Glenbervie. It's believed the home owners were asleep when the theft happened.

The vehicle was found abandoned in Ridgeway Dr, in Kamo, and will be forensically examined.

It is not the first time the Sunnyside Foodmarket has been hit.

In February 2012 thieves wielding a gun made off with cash and cigarettes.

In 2009 an armed robber pointed a knife at staff and demanded money from the shop attendant. He took an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing.

A Tip Top bread van driver who arrived at the back of the Sunnyside Dairy in 2008, was confronted by two men armed with a sawn-off shotgun.

One of the pair pointed the gun in the driver's face and demanded the key to the dairy. But the driver did not have the key and the men ordered him to the ground before fleeing. The pair are believed to have taken only the driver's wallet.

And in 2006 a man wearing a balaclava walked into the Sunnyside Foodmarket, demanded money and threatened the store owner with a knife.

Earlier this month a stolen car was used to smash through the front door of The Korna Shop in Morningside, before three thieves rushed in, stealing cigarettes and cash.

A white Toyota Corolla was reversed into the front door, shattering the glass and splintering the door frame.

The three thieves, caught on security camera footage, took the tobacco and cash and drove off, dumping the vehicle in Leith St opposite the store.