More Maori landowners in Northland will receive compensation for the use of their land by a lines company.

The Maori Land Court in June ordered lines operator Top Energy to pay $105,000 for easement on four blocks of multiple-owned Maori land over which a 110,000-volt electricity transmission line and power pylons from Kaikohe to Kaitaia will run to improve consistency of power supply in the Far North.

Top Energy applied to the court for easements over the blocks, known as Whakataha Z1C, Paparimurimu B, Paparimurimu A3 and Part Tapapanui B4D2.

Last week, the court ordered a further $30,000 be paid for capital works on just over 31 hectares of land known as Taheke 2 situated on Peria Rd, east of Kaitaia. The land is owned by multiple owners.


Top Energy has identified the route of an access track the company intends to form over Taheke 2 in order to construct and maintain its transmission line.

Most landowners suggested the $30,000 compensation should be used on capital works such as fencing, weed control and possibly fertilising.

Judge David Ambler agreed.

He directed the amount be paid into Whangarei law firm Thomson Wilson, who would act as an agent.

Top Energy will engage, at its cost, a farm consultant to make recommendations on capital works on the land. Judge Ambler said he was surprised the landowners did not support the establishment of an ahu whenua trust over the land.

The landowners would rather see the funds held by an agent who could pay for capital improvements, he said.