Armed with a shotgun, a Whangarei father and son set out to seek retribution on a relative they believed "narked" on another family member to police, a court was told.

Selwyn Paikea, 56, and Haupapa James Paikea, 28, have denied one charge of kidnapping and another of use of a firearm. Selwyn Paikea faces an additional charge of threatening to cause grievous bodily harm.

Their trial started before a jury of 10 women and two men in the Whangarei District Court yesterday.

The charges stem from an incident in Onerahi last year in which a shotgun ended up being fired at the home of an elderly couple, as police say the victim struggled to wrestle the gun from the elder man.


Crown prosecutor Nicole Dore said the victim, Mark Nathan, had known the Paikeas his whole life as they were related.

Mr Nathan's mother and Selwyn Paikea's father were first cousins.

Ms Dore said Selwyn Paikea's wife was arrested in relation to alleged cannabis offences and the Paikeas believed Mr Nathan was responsible for the police action. The Paikeas also thought Mr Nathan had stolen cannabis from them.

Ms Dore said that on September 5 last year, they decided it was time for retribution and went to where Mr Nathan lived on Ross St, Onerahi.

Mr Nathan had been out and upon his return saw the Paikeas, but went to the back of the house to tie his dog up.

Ms Dore said a shotgun was kept in some sort of a knitted fabric by the older Paikea.

She said the Paikeas asked where the cannabis was and Mr Nathan replied that he did not have any.

She said he also denied "narking" on Selwyn Paikea's wife but was told to shut up and to get into the Paikeas' car.

As they were walking down the driveway, Mr Nathan heard a gunshot go off and in a panic grabbed the shotgun and tried to wrestle it from Selwyn Paikea, Ms Dore said. Mr Nathan was able to twist the weapon and during the scuffle another shot was fired, which hit a neighbouring house where an elderly couple lived.

The couple dialled 111. Mr Nathan then ran away and the Paikeas drove off, she said.

When located in Dargaville on September 13, Selwyn Paikea said he had been home the whole day of the alleged incident and that Mr Nathan was dreaming.

Ms Dore said that, as part of their investigation, police obtained text message data and one sent at 4.05pm on September 5 by Selwyn Paikea read: "Ring me now, got Mark here."

Ownership of the BMW used by the Paikeas to travel to and from Ross St was transferred to a person in Rawene six days after the incident, she said.

The case proceeds.