We catch up with Scott Armstrong of theSlacks ahead of their release tour for new single Friday Night.

1. Describe your sound in one sentence.

Shimmering subversive singalongs.

2. What is it about New Zealand that most inspires your music?

The echoes and remnants of an isolated island mentality coping with the full frontal exposure of digital life.

3. Tell us a bit about the new song - Friday Night.


This is a slightly cynical view of a Friday night from the bottom of a brown beer bottle when you realise that you probably should have stopped indulging two drinks ago. That was the original spark of inspiration. Musically, we wanted a shift away from the tone and vibe of the last two singles. i think we have done exactly that.

4. What is your favourite song to perform live and why?

Each one of theSlacks will probably have their own favourite. I really like performing a song Mark wrote called Rock Bottom Town - it's cathartic and I blow out the cobwebs with that one.

5. What does success as a musician mean to you?

Rolling as a band. So many bands fall by the wayside for so many reasons. If you can keep it together, then you are successful.

6. What's your favourite Kiwiana icon and why?

They are easy to call on when one needs a convenient reference point that people are familiar with but I think AotearoaNZ has changed a lot since we started referring to ourselves as No. 8 wire wielding inventors.

7. What message would you give any young person wanting to be a successful musician?

Stick at it. Have faith in yourself even though there will be times when you are completely unsure of yourself.

8. Who or what excites you most about the New Zealand music scene?

There are so many festivals and gatherings built around music. We have some gorgeous countryside and really stunning old halls and clubs. The best of the best have some amazing people doing everything they can to bring people and music together.

9. You can only fit one album by another artist on your device — what is it?

Tonight's The Night - Neil Young.

10. You're curating a music festival. Who's on the bill, alive or dead?

Neil Young & Crazyhorse, The Small Faces, The Kinks, Beatles, Dewey Cox and, of course, theSlacks.


theSlacks 'Friday Night' single release tour
August 3 - Wanganui Savage Club - Wanganui
August 4 - MEOW - Wellington w Hans Pucket and Sam Egli

August 10 - Cassette - Auckland w/ The Nukes
August 11 - Stone Butter Factory - Whangarei w/ The Nukes
August 12 - Leigh Sawmill - Leigh w/ The Nukes

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