The Until We Meet Again EP is the work of four men who'd never met until they started recording. (Cunning title - there's an album due this year.)

With a nod to epic 80s hair metal, 90s grunge and 2000s nu-metal, White Noise Owl are a supergroup, bringing together members of bands including Lo-Pro, Snot, Evanescence and Amen.

It's epic stuff, especially the track End Over End, with soaring guitars and vocals reminiscent of Filter.

Are You Breathing introduces a touch of piano and prog, as singer Pete Murray screams his lungs out, while Bomber is a powerful track from the Seether school of rock.


In five songs that will leave you breathless, White Noise Owl has harked back to the past three decades of rock to provide a glimpse of what could be the future sound of hard rock.

4/5 stars