Every day is different for Whangarei woman Janice Watt, which is what she loves about her job.

The former NZ Post delivery person has started a pamphlet/flyer delivery service in and around Whangarei. Fast Flyer can also deliver addressed mail.

Ms Watt, who worked with NZ Post in Whangarei for 19 years, said she knew of no one else offering this kind of business in Whangarei.

"So I thought I should start one up myself. I have the general knowledge of the areas and the outlay of Whangarei suburbs so off I went."


Fast Flyer started deliveries in November and Ms Watt said things got off to a good start but went quiet in December "which was understandable being so close to Christmas".

She started up again last week, after the holidays spending time with her grandchildren, and had lots of work on.

After her time at NZ Post, Ms Watt went to work for Maggie Dixon Real Estate after answering an advertisement for a yellow Postie to work for them.

She delivered Maggie Dixon flyers and addressed mail on a scooter in the Whangarei area for 15 months.

After she finished working for Maggie Dixon, leaving on good terms, she began thinking
of what to do next.

"I loved doing this kind of job and hated the idea of sitting on my backside while waiting for another job so thought to myself, 'I'm going to make this happen and have a go at offering a delivery service on the scooter'.

"My boss at Maggie Dixon offered the scooter if I could make this happen [the business], on condition I keep some of his branding, to help me get started, so Fast Flyer began.

"Also I heard so many complaints about mail not arriving or being delayed so thought I could help out the local businesses with local mail."

A typical day for Ms Watts starts early. "I start as soon as it is daylight enough, 6-6.30am in the summer and deliver in different areas each week so not in the same place day after day."

Her working day ends about 3pm or when she finishes delivering any mail picked up early in the afternoon.

Ms Watts, who works solo "at this stage", said she can deliver 1000-1200 flyers per day.
"Everyday is different which is what I love about the job."

The most rewarding thing about her business is feeling happy at what she achieved during the day, "how many flyers I delivered and no holdups from punctures or bike problems".

"The most challenging would have to be dogs running loose and chasing me. Also cars on the road can do real dumb things, turning with no indication, looking one way while backing out of driveways just to name a few."

Her plans for the future are to make the business as successful as possible.

She would also like to expand the addressed mail delivery service which may lead to additional types of delivery.