Castlecliff Health has taken home gold at New Zealand's Primary Healthcare Awards.

The clinic was up against a general practice in Kelburn, Wellington for the Good Space Award.

The award recognised the imaginative design of a healthcare facility that both supports practitioners who work in the space and gives an improved experience to patients.

Castlecliff Health director Dr Praveen Thadigiri said it was an honour for a team of their size and their clinic to be recognised nationally.


"The team is thrilled and the award has provided us a boost for plans for the clinic into the future," Thadigiri said.

"Our Primary Health Organisation, the National Hauora Coalition, deserves mention here for supporting us as we implemented this major project. The award is quite simply the icing on the cake."

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Thadigiri was unsure if any individual private clinic from Whanganui has ever received a national level commendation but he hoped the award would inspire more Whanganui entries in future competitions.

The health clinic has been up and running for just over two years. Photo / Bevan Conley
The health clinic has been up and running for just over two years. Photo / Bevan Conley

The inaugural awards, held on February 29 at Auckland's Shed 10, replaced the 28-year-old Pharmacy Awards, with 22 categories that attracted more than 180 entries from clinics around New Zealand.

Castlecliff Health entered the awards as they believed they fitted the criteria of having a clinic that was innovative and different from the traditional idea of how a clinic should be.

"And it has been appreciated by people - even the basic things of when they walk inside, of there not being the stress of the place being too small and also things not jumping out at you, so you might be seeing pamphlets for cervical cancer but you shouldn't be worried about it."

Thadigiri said he wanted to give patients a feeling of wellness because when they came to the clinic they were already sick, so they should not have to be reminded of this.


He thanked his team members, their families and friends, the Castlecliff community, local businesses and builders, the Equippers Church and their clientele for their continued support and efforts.