Uni Premier can now say that they have been the winners of the Trust Waikato Hamilton City Netball Centre Indoor Premier competition for a decade.

On Thursday, 30 August they won the final, and this was their 10th consecutive year winning the title, an absolutely outstanding achievement.

This was the third time in five weeks that Uni Premier and Verdettes Marist Old Girls had played each other.

The previous encounters had ended in a draw and a win to Verdettes Marist Old Girls, so expectations were high for a nail-biter of a final.


The final was played at the Peak, Rototuna with a very large number of spectators present and they were not disappointed as it was a fiercely and tightly contested match for three quarters of the game.

Following a defeat the last time these two teams met Uni Premier began with aggression and drive and this saw them up by 11 goals at the end of the first quarter.

Jessie Taane and Fiesola Puamau interchanging between goal attack and goal shooter played their best games of the season shooting at 88%.

They also moved well to find space with precision. Georgia Tong at goal keep did an outstanding defensive job against the tall Marist shooter. The ball flowed well through court at speed by the mid courters who also feed some great ball into the shooters.

The remaining three quarters of the game were much closer with only two goals the difference in the second quarter, five goals difference the final quarter and Verdettes Marist Old Girls winning the third quarter by a goal.

The score did not reflect how close this game was, particularly during the third quarter. Unfortunately an injury to goal attack for Marist, Aroha Crombie towards the end of this quarter meant the team lost momentum but they did rally and played well for the remainder of the game.

For Verdettes Marist Old Girls Tennille McDonald at centre for three quarters of the game along with Niki Crombie at wing attack for the second half injected some speed and finesse through the mid court.

The defense also did a volume of work but this was not always able to be converted into goals. Verdettes Marist Old Girls admit that a slow first quarter was in the main what cost them the game but overall a great final and happy with their season.


Uni Premier were stoked and very happy with the win. The Uni Premier team included four of the original members from the winning team ten years ago, including Rebecca Gabel as coach and players Rachel Fabling, Jessie Taane and Natalie Mourits.

These three players were all on court for the starting lineup which is a real testament to the players, the team and the Uni club.

Prior to the final being played the remaining six teams played off to determine final rankings although rules for who played were relaxed so some teams had players playing up and from other teams. The games were played in good spirt by all involved. Overall a great season of netball.

Prize giving was held at the end of the final and acknowledgement by Val Temm, President of Trust Waikato Netball Centre to the players, coaches, staff, volunteers, bench personnel and umpires that allowed the competition to occur which was of high calibre.


1 vs 2Uni Premier 61 vs Verdettes Marist Old Girls 46
3 vs 4FTNC Premier 78 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 35
5 vs 6St Peter's Cambridge Open A 68 FTNC Premier Reserves 42
7 vs 8 Verdettes Marist Premier vs Waikato Diocesan Open A (Default)

Intermediate Netball Finals

Finals for the Lodge Real Estate Year 7 and Year 8 Hamilton City Netball Centre Intermediates competition was on Saturday, September 1.

They were the conclusion of three grading days, five competition round games and five championship rounds.

Some great games were played on a fine day. There was lots of spectator support for all games.

Prize giving for all intermediates grades were held throughout the morning with trophies and certificates given to all winners.

The results were:

Year 8
Pool 1: Winner, Peachgrove Y8 Dynamites; R/U, Cambridge Middle School 8A. Pool 2: Winner, Saint United 8B; R/U, Fairfield 8A. Pool 3: Winner, Ngahinapouri Fast Feet; R/U, Te Rapa Magic. Pool 4: Winner, Puketaha Pulse; R/U, Fairfield 8C. Pool 5: Winner, Saint United Gold; R/U, St United Maroon. Pool 6: Winner, Berkley 8 Titans; R/U, Berkley 8 Storm. Pool 7: Winner, Te Rapa Ravens; R/U, Maeroa Y8 Eagles.

Year 7/8
Pool 1: Winner, T.M.M Majex; R/U, Te Ara Rima Tau. Pool 2: Winner, Gordonton Whiti Os; R/U, Melville Y7/Y8 Stars. Pool 3: Winner, Whitiora Ferns; R/U, Te Kowhai Survivors.

Year 7
Pool 1: Winner, St Peters 7A; R/U, St United 7A. Pool 2: Winner, Fairfield 7A; R/U, Melville Y7 Ferns. Pool 3: Winner, Karioi Fernz; R/U, RHS 7A. Pool 4: Winner, Southwell Y7B; R/U, Maeroa Year 7 Hotshots. Pool 5: Winner, Karioi Kiwis; R/U, St Peters 7B.