"Keep on looking while you're cooking".

That's the message from Fire and Emergency's Whanganui firefighters who have dealt with another call to unattended cooking.

Station Officer Carl Moon said crews were called to a home in Matai St, Castlecliff just before 4pm on Saturday after a neighbour heard a smoke alarm and saw smoke coming through the eaves.

"The smoke was from a pot on the stove," Moon said.


"There was some smoke in the house but no major damage. People's lives are so busy these days, they get easily distracted. Keep on looking while you're cooking."

Moon said it was the latest in a series of calls where alert neighbours had contacted emergency services after hearing alarms or seeing smoke.

"People are more vigilant and are letting us know early which is good. We encourage people to call in if they hear an alarm, even if they think it might be a burglar alarm. It's better for us to come out and check."