A girl was forced to call police when she witnessed her father attacking her mother.

Michael James Flood was sentenced to 12 months' intensive supervision and six months' of GPS monitoring by Judge Christopher Field in Whanganui District Court on Wednesday.

He was convicted on one charge of male assaults female.

Judge Field told the court that Flood had assaulted his partner during an argument.


"As a result of the assault, the victim received a small lump and swelling to her foot and soreness to the left side of her face."

"Your daughter phoned the police, something she should never have to do."

After his offending, Flood spent one month in custody and three months on electronically monitored bail.

In a victim impact statement, the victim stated she was scared of Flood and things had become very bad between them.

However, Judge Field said a letter produced in court which was written by the victim, demonstrated she was still attached to Flood.

Despite this, Flood has had a protection order enforced on him.

Flood's defence counsel Richard Leith said it wasn't the first time his client had offended against the victim.

"He's acknowledging the causes of his offending, he's taking steps to address those and he's also taking steps to advance employment opportunities," Leith said.

"He wants to become an apprentice builder and he's done a lot of training in that regard, so there's some good positive potential for him in terms of gaining employment.

"He has expressed a desire to remove tattoos that are associated with his past association with a gang and he's really turned a new leaf."

Flood has completed five sessions of a family violence programme in Hawke's Bay where he will serve his sentence living with family.