The man who sexually assaulted a schoolgirl before murdering her in her bed said the 11-year-old "looked like an angel'' and he "wanted her all for himself'' before he strangled her.

Before killing Zoe Buttigieg, Bowe Maddigan woke her from her sleep, took off her pants and underwear, then licked and touched parts of her body, a prosecutor told the Wangaratta Supreme Court.

On Thursday, he appeared for a pre-sentencing hearing after he pleaded guilty in August to the murder and indecent assault of Zoe, who was found dead on October 25, last year.The prosecution set out the horrific details of the night for the court to hear.

The young girl's family wept in the Wangaratta Supreme Court as graphic details about her final moments were revealed.


Director of public prosecutions John Champion, SC told the court Maddigan had stated "I wanted to have her all to myself" and had acted for sexual gratification.

Forensic test later revealed Maddigan's DNA on parts of Zoe's body, including on her thighs and buttocks, he said.

Zoe's DNA was found on the inside of Maddigan's underwear and on his penis, the court heard.

Maddigan had been partying with Zoe's mother in the hours leading up to the child's death, Champion said.

About 1.30am, the 30-year-old was left alone in the house after smoking marijuana and drinking.

Maddigan, who had been released from jail just three weeks before the murder, then began to walk the hallways.

He found Zoe's bedroom and woke up the child before closing the door behind him, turning off the light and telling her to come down from her bunk bed, the court heard.

The girl had looked "like an angel'' and he was desperate to have her "all to himself'', Maddigan later told police.

He sexually assaulted Zoe and manually strangled her after placing his gold ring inside her mouth, Champion told the court.

He then placed her back in her bed. It is alleged the schoolgirl was not raped.

Maddigan then returned to the party.

Her mother didn't discover her body - naked from the waist down but covered with a duvet - until about 11am.

Maddigan had been found walking barefoot along the side of a highway about 6am.
Police allegedly found child pornography on his phone.

He described the events of the night as being like a movie he couldn't control.

"I still honestly don't think I'm capable of that, but I can't argue with the evidence around me."

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to murder and one count of committing an indecent act.

The hearing continues.

About 500 friends, family and neighbours held a vigil in a park where Zoe Buttigieg once walked her dog. Photo / Daily Mail
About 500 friends, family and neighbours held a vigil in a park where Zoe Buttigieg once walked her dog. Photo / Daily Mail