Two fishermen have had the shock of their lives watching a huge great white shark circle their boat in open water.

The two men can be heard cautiously commenting on the shark's movement.

The video, posted on an Australian fishing page, shows the massive shark swimming up close to the fishing boat.

As it approaches the motor the shark's body rises to the surface and its enormous shadow can be seen.


The man filming nervously shouts at the giant fish to get away from the boat.

"Get away from the f***ing boat... he's not f***ing happy," he said.

For a moment the shark appears to swim away, but turns back towards the vessel.

"Not happy at all. Jesus look at the size of that man," the other concerned fisherman said.

The fisherman recording the footage then says: "let's get out of here, come on time to go," before throwing a small piece of bait at the shark.
It appears to take the bait and then swims towards the boat before disappearing into the dark depths of the sea.