A Nigerian woman has given birth on board a Mediterranean rescue boat, ITV reports.

Medical charity MSF said the baby's nationality was being debated because he was born in international waters.

ITV reports that the baby's mother, Faith Oqunbor, had been feeling contractions when she left Libya and said she was worried she would give birth in a rubber dinghy.

Faith, her husband Otis and their sons Victory, 7, and Rollres, 5, were pulled from the boat and taken on board the MV Aquarius.


Faith said: "I was very stressed on the rubber boat, sitting on the floor of the boat with the other women and children, panicking that I would go into labour."

She added: "I could feel my baby moving. He would move down and then move back up again. I had been having contractions for three days."

MSF said that the baby's parents, Otas and Faith Oqunbor, had named him Newman Otas.