A supercar driver was left blushing after crashing his car into a hedge just moments after showing off the engine.

A video shot in 2015 in Saint Tropez, France, has emerged through Instagram showing a shirtless driver trying to impress a crowd, and a woman, with his Porsche 918 Spyder.

As the man decides to show what the car can do, he puts his hands in the air to indicate to clear a path ahead of him, as the blonde woman next to him laughs.

The petrolhead can be seen throwing up a rock gesture with his left hand before revving the engine and speeding off.


But he may not have immediately spotted the people walking across the car park in front of him, as he quickly has to swerve to avoid hitting them.

A woman can be heard screaming as the car screeches on the tarmac.

The video cuts to show the car braking rapidly and moving around the passers-by.

The crowd rushes over to the car, which has been left badly damaged after crashing into a 4x4.

It seems to show the vehicle trapped in the hedge around the hotel.

The front of the car is in pieces and smoke is seen coming out of the bonnet.

The video has suddenly picked up attention on Instagram, more than a year after it was posted and several users have found the crash amusing.

One said: "This is way too satisfying to watch", while another simply said: "Guy can't drive".

Another said they wouldn't trust the driver with a plastic knife.

The video was posted by @Kristina_lifetime who wrote 'Thank god' it wasn't a person injured.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a hybrid car with a top speed of 218 miles per hour. It was manufactured in 2014 with only 918 models made of the limited edition Hypercar.

They cost around £630,000, or US$845,000 (NZ$1,140,602)

The model has suffered some controversy, with several recalls made, one for "rear-axle control arms that may break, causing difficulty controlling the vehicle".

In October 2015, a 918 taking part in a charity motorshow in Malta came off the track and crashed into spectators, with 28 suffering injuries.