In a fiery speech delivered in his first joint campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton, US Vice-President Joe Biden mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a clueless cynic who's already posing a threat to US security .

Biden took the stage in Scranton, Pennsylvania, today to vouch for the Democratic nominee's empathy for the working class but then shifted into a scathing attack on Trump's grasp of national security and his remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin and US allies. He zeroed in on Trump's statement last week that President Barack Obama founded Isis (Islamic State), which the Republican has said was meant to be sarcastic.

"Let me tell you why it's a dangerous statement. As he might say, the bad guys are listening," Biden said, citing a reference to it made by the leader of Hizbollah.

"If my son were still in Iraq, and I say to all those who are there, the threat to their life has gone up a couple clicks."


Biden spoke less than an hour before Trump delivered a speech on national security in Youngstown, Ohio, like Scranton a battleground for both candidates in the November election.

Clinton's remarks in Scranton, a city where both she and Biden claim roots, was intended to make the case to Rust Belt voters that she cares about their fate more than Trump does.

Clinton called the economic plan Trump outlined last week a boon for the wealthy and for corporations. Biden reinforced her remarks, saying she "understands the hope and aspirations" of working-class Americans, a category of voters Clinton has had trouble connecting with.

"She gets it," Biden said. "It's more than about her."

- Bloomberg