At first glance Mike Pence's photo of his family dinner at New York's Chili's seems to show The Donald's running mate enjoying some nachos with his wife and daughter.

But on closer inspection something is not right.

Pence's daughter Charlotte, 23, appears to have no reflection - raising the accusation that she was photoshopped in.

She is sitting next to her father in a white dress, but even her frizzy hair can't been seen in the mirror.


Shocked observers have take to social media - with many joking that Pence's daughter is a vampire.

Sebastian Murdock wrote on Twitter: "Sir I don't mean to be rude but your daughter might be a vampire just sayin."

Another shocked user added: "Where is the reflection of the woman in white? Does Chili's cause people to become vampires?!"

One surprised viewer said: "The woman has no reflection. Explain."

One joker even posted a pictured with Trump in the mirror, saying "sorry guys here is the unedited version."

Some Twitter users have accused Pence of photoshopping the photo.

Jan Siegel wrote: "She was shopped in (I'm guessing) to improve his family cred. She probably doesn't speak to him in real life!"

The picture sparked enough outrage as it was, when snobby New Yorkers were angered by Pence's choice of restaurant on Saturday.