A Norwegian zoo has provoked parents' fury after feeding a whole dead zebra to its tigers in full view of visitors.

The beheaded carcass of the zebra was place in the tiger enclosure at Kristiansand Dyrepark, which is Norway's most visited attraction.

Officials at Kristiansand Dyrepark have admitted that the healthy zebra had been put down and fed to the tigers because the zoo because they had too many of them.

The row started when one visiting parent posted a snap of the butchered zebra on Facebook with the caption: "Should take a look at the tigers today. What met me was a little macabre."


Angry parents taking young children to see their favourite animals on the day condemned the spectacle as "traumatic."

The blood-stained carcass had been left in the part of the tiger enclosure that can be viewed by the public.

One protestor online said: "A little too macabre for me. Animals eat animals, but I did not think I would see that at the zoo."

Another said: "Horrid. Traumatic for young children."

But zoo officials claimed they were simply trying to give their large predators a more natural diet.

Vet Rolf-Arne Olberg said: "I think most people realise that a tiger eats meat.

"There is no point hiding it away."

He added: "I understand people's reactions, but it is quite normal for a tiger or lion to eat their prey.

"With a whole animal to eat, they must spend some time tearing it apart with their claws and teeth. It stimulates natural behaviour.

"We explained this and the guests realise that this is the way nature is. We must not avoid the fact that predators eat other animals."

-Daily Mail