There is a faction of people who reckon appearing on Police Ten 7 is the ultimate of 15 minutes of national fame.

In reality though it's just seconds.

Appearing at their local court list day is just not the same. A few lines in the newspaper doesn't really cut it.

And it's a particular language we're listening to with copious phrases like "my man", "yeh hard", "yeh sweet".


And conversation is liberally peppered with that now everyday expletive the F-word.

The F-word has become like punctuation for so many; I doubt they could talk without using it.

And from my perspective the officers look like young lads, but they soon wield firm words and take no nonsense when polite questioning is falling on deaf ears.

To be honest, it is a certain type of person constantly picked up by the police.

From a drunk lolling asleep in a shop doorway, his Chinese "feed" perched beside him.

He didn't have a clue where he was.

When the two young cops told him "Timaru", he said "nah Timaru is 220km away".

It was sorted and he was loaded carefully into the back of the police car carrying his precious bundle of grub.

"You can heat it up for your brekky mate," one officer said.

They dropped him home and he was a changed chap.

"I must give youse big thanks," he said.

A young chap screaming "Sieg Heil" and the obligatory six or eight F words at the officers in Dunedin was finally sorted for trespassing - which he insisted was load of **%^$# and all of that.

Then two officers in Palmerston North hit a fun jackpot with a crusty old chap of 50 something who was busy hurling a chain around on the concourse of a city service station.

He threatened to tell "this sh-t" to the local newspaper so they better "watch it ya f ... ers"

Turns out the chain was okay because it was for his pitbull who would have them dead within seconds so "watch it".

He was referred quickly to health care. Seems he's a well known old boy on the street.

The programme included an update on the execution-style killing in December of an Upper Hutt woman.

Lois Tolley, 30, was stabbed and shot at point-blank range in her house on Ward St on December 9.

Footage showed four men leaving Tolley's house that night, with one hanging back from the others. "This man looked "visibly distressed" and had "called out to the others in remorse", police said.

Information from the public came in within minutes after the programme aired. Thanks everyone, a police spokesperson said.

"We're very close to finding these four men now."

Great result.