At 73, John Brugh of Hamilton is not slowing down at all and he was the 11th competitor across all age groups to cross the finish line at the Masters' games duathlon on Saturday.

"I think it was Einstein who said 'The faster you move, the slower you age' or words to that effect," said Mr Brugh.

He was barely puffing and very chatty after running for 5km, cycling for 20km, then finishing with the 2.5km run.

'I really like to keep busy and keep my cardiovascular system working well," he said.


"I'm building a new house at the moment and I like to swim although I'm not competitive about that.

"I swim at my own pace."

Asked what he did before he retired, Mr Brugh said he was a childrens' entertainer but went on to explain that he was really a former deputy school principal.

He has been competing in the Masters' games since the early 1990s and says he also competes in Dunedin.

"I like Dunedin and I have quite a few uncles and cuzzies down there so it is a chance to visit them as well."

Mr Brugh was also entered to compete in the 10km road run/walk on Sunday.