Folk artists Amiria Grenell and Monty Bevins will head the Whanganui Musician's Club September gig as part of their lower North Island tour next week.

The pair have toured together before - including to Whanganui - and over the years have honed a set in which they can seamlessly share the stage on each other songs.

Bevins has been on the road since 2014 when he decided take a shot at making a living from music.

"It's mostly good," he said. "I sort of long for a washing machine and a drier at times."


The pair were last at the Musician's Club at the end of 2014 when Bevins was touring his second EP.

"Since then we've just done a bunch of little shows together and just gradually got for familiar with each other's songs to the point where we can jump in on each other's songs."

He said he was particularly excited about returning to Whanganui's Savage Club Hall.

"It's just so amazing that over 100 people come out of the woodwork and have this amazing night of music," he said.

"Everywhere has their little spots (but) that is crazy. The number that come along and it's so genuine as well. People just really having a good time."

Bevins said fans who turned out will be in for something different.

"Because I play so much and I tour around so much the same songs will be pretty unrecognisable by now.

"I just play such a wide variety of shows (so) just for my own sanity I keep digging deeper into those songs and keep changing them up and changing lyrics.

"It's like a real slow burn refinement."

He will also have new music with him as he works towards a new record.

"I'm forever adding new songs every couple of months, realistically. I've got a wee batch of songs that are coming together.

"I think a fair few of my songs focus on the simple thing of enjoying present and time's going to go pretty quickly so don't spend it just doing something for the sake of saving for your retirement."

It's that attitude that helped dive into being on the road fulltime in a bid to make a living from music.

"If I'm not doing that myself then I don't really feel comfortable singing about it."

Meanwhile, Grenell has spent the past 10 years performing extensively at venues and arts festivals all around the country and as a regular member of the Fly My Pretties line-up.

Her recently released third album, Autumn, comes on the back of Tui Award winning album Three Feathers.

Bevins and Grenell will be joined by Jhan Lyndsay, a Wellington based composer, musician, teacher and marriage celebrant.

Lyndsay is touring her long awaited debut album Jhan Lindsay and The Chattelaines.

The September 2 gig at the Whanganui Musicians' Club, Savage Club Hall, Drews Ave, kicks off at 7pm and entry is $5 for members and $10 for non-members.