A new rate has been introduced for Whanganui ratepayers to cover the cost of damage from the June 2015 floods.

The rate was introduced when the Whanganui District Council approved its 2016-17 annual plan on June 30.

The rate will be $44.70 for urban and commercial properties, while rural properties will pay an extra $49.70 in their rates bill.

Mayor Annette Main said the higher rural rate reflected the fact that most of the flooding damage was to the district's rural roading network.


"The 2015 weather event caused heartache for many people but also significant damage to our infrastructure. We have introduced a storm damage rate to repay the costs of repairs," Ms Main said.

She said the allocation of funding for the coming year was always a difficult task.

"It is always a challenge to balance the services, facilities and progress our community wants against our ability to pay for them. This annual plan was no exception."

Ms Main said the council would also be working to fix stormwater issues in the Gonville/Westbourne area.

Some of the new and existing projects that were approved for funding in the 2016-17 annual plan include:
+Wanganui Community Education Service: $15,000
+PS Waimarie operating trust: $20,000
+Surf Lifesaving: $26,000
+Hazardous waste depot: $20,000
+Whanganui East Pool: $29,000
+Emergency management: $65,000
+Council chamber sound system upgrade: $18,000.