A bulging berm has got some residents in one Whanganui street up in arms.

The berm extension was been created at the intersection of Fitzherbert Ave extension and Kelsi St in Springvale but some in the street say the bulge narrows the entrance to their street in a dangerous way and want it removed.

Marie Knuth collected signatures from neighbours and presented those to Whanganui District Council chief executive officer Kym Fell.

Mrs Knuth said the problem was compounded with the creation of more residential sections off Simon St which joins the end of Kelsi St.


"There's been a lot of heavy vehicles going up and down our street. But because the berm was extended it means these trucks have to swing wide to get into our street. If you're driving along Kelsi St you have to stop to let them through," she said.

She said if the "blister" was removed the problem would be solved.

"We've asked council to remove that bulge at the end of Kelsi St because we believe it's creating a dangerous traffic situation," Mrs Knuth said.

Lance Attrill's company has been involved in part of the subdivision, and he said there had been some heavy traffic movements in the initial stages but that work was finished.

"The major earthworks are done and from now on the only traffic will be those involved in building the house and then the residents moving into them."

Rui Leitao, council's roading manager, said while there were heavy vehicles using Kelsi St during the construction of the new subdivision, "this is short-term and it isn't expected that there will be large vehicle movements after the subdivision is completed".

He said Kelsi St was categorised as a suburban street for "live and play" use and for a road serving up to 200 dwellings it has been designed to create a target operating speed of 40km/h.

He said roading guidelines recommended a width of 5.5m-5.7m.

"Simon St is similar to the guideline width. However, the narrowest point of Kelsi St is near the intersection where it is approximately 7.1m wide.

"It is not recommended that Kelsi St should be widened to maintain a suitable environment for the residential area after the subdivision is completed," Mr Leitao said.