The rejuvenation of Whanganui's beach suburb is about to kick off. Castlecliff Rejuvenation Project's master plan was presented to the community at Castlecliff School on Thursday night.

There wasn't a single voice against it. In fact, when the floor was opened to questions, there were none - everyone applauded and left.

About 100 people came to hear plans for the revitalisation of the beachside suburb which, led by Progress Castlecliff, were the culmination of a six-month consultation period.

The group has turned the ideas of the community into a comprehensive plan.


"In terms of getting work on the ground - that can start fairly soon," Progress Castlecliff's Jamie Waugh said.

"This is a long-term vision that allows us to go to council and other funding organisations to say we are not just putting a rubbish bin in here.

"We're looking at long-term projects."

Creating a "vibrant, eccentric hub" at Rangiora St is the first project with design and build scheduled for the coming months.

Designs by landscape architect Craig Pocock show a beautification of the Rangiora St gateway with planting and artwork, and a more green space.

"He hadn't seen a road corridor that wide and a community that was motivated to so something with it," Mr Waugh said.

"I've spoken to the people who make this stuff happen and I'm confident we can start on this in the short term." He encouraged people to stay involved.

Councillor Jenny Duncan spoke at the meeting and said council had largely kept out of the project because it was important the ideas were community led.

"It's more than a project - it's a destination," she said.

She talked through some council work which was already under way in the suburb, including the work on the boat ramp and jetty.

The upgrade of wharf one would be completed by the end of the financial year and the cycleway to the north mole would be under way in the 2017-18 year.

The Kokohuia Wetland restoration was another big project for the seaside suburb.

People were also asked for their ideas for the beach area surrounding the Duncan Pavilion and the surf club.

Those will feed into a sand study being undertaken on the Whanganui coastline.

Mr Waugh said another public meeting would be held in about August.