Diddly is devoted to her loving owners Anne and Sandy Fleming.

And the Marton couple return the favour to their 16-year-old fox terrier-Jack Russell cross.

Six years ago the dog was hit by a car, and her left back leg had to be amputated.

Sandy said even though the plucky little dog still went out on long walks with them, it was getting increasingly difficult for her.


"She really started to slow down, and it was only determination that kept her going."

The couple love their long walks every afternoon around Marton but had to find a solution for Diddly, who refused to be left behind.

"She always wanted to come with us, but short walks are all she is capable of," Sandy said. They came up with idea of a child's pushchair, which meant Diddly could hop along part of the way then ride the rest of the way home when she was tired.

They found an old pushchair at the Marton op shop, Anne said.

"And they gave it to us.

"It's lovely little Diddly can come with us. We didn't want to leave her behind, but she was getting a bit heavy to carry long distances."

The Flemings moved to Marton five years ago from Auckland after they retired.

It was a huge relief to leave Auckland, Sandy said.

"I got fed up with every trip taking forever to get anywhere. I was very happy to leave all that traffic behind.

"I couldn't believe that our house sold in three days. Apparently it's sold again since then and for twice the price."