A man who said his ex-partner needed her head kicked in while police were present has been sentenced to community work and supervision.

Gregory Daniel Hina was at the victim's house on March 20 and refused to leave after an argument, police prosecutor Sergeant Rachel Willemsen said.

When police arrived, "the defendant repeatedly refused to give the victim her children back". Hina repeatedly said the victim "needed her head kicked in" and called her a "nark".

In explanation for his offending, Hina told police the victim was "playing mind games". He pleaded guilty to breaching a protection order.


Defence lawyer Stephanie Burlace said Hina "accepts there's an anger issue".

She said there had been difficulties around the care of their children and their on-off relationship, which was why Hina spoke of "mind games".

Judge David Cameron sentenced him to 80 hours of community work and six months of supervision.