Wanganui RSA is having a clean out and items will be sold in a garage sale on April 9.

Secretary manager Kyle Dalton says the maze of rooms in the RSA basement contains everything from a potato peeler machine from the 1960s to a giant box of encyclopaedia stretching back decades and bone walking sticks.

"We've got rooms for Africa down here."

But Mr Dalton wants people know their heritage is not up for sale.


"We won't be selling anything that was donated, or memorabilia. Everything sold is stuff we've acquired as a trading company."

Many of items being sold no longer have a use for the RSA.

"We had some glasses in here that were shorter and thicker than the others. They were the same volume, but people didn't want to drink out of them because they thought they were getting less beer."

People can donate goods for the sale and all proceeds will go to the Anzac Day commemorations.

-The sale will be held at the RSA rooms in St Hill St from 8am.