Whanganui ceramicist Ivan Vostinar challenged himself to make 100 sculptures in just two months.

The result is Multitude, an exhibition showing at Space Gallery until February 5.

Multitude is made up of 101 small, quirky sculptures that Mr Vostinar made in a "non-stop push" in November and December 2015. No two are the same, and each is individually named.

Some are simple and minimalist, while others are more complicated forms.


Coated in barium glaze, the sculptures have an intriguing mix of jade green and rich purple-blue colour.

"Their colours depend on the application of the glaze. I found that those with only a light glaze have more green on them, while those with a heavy coating of glaze are more purple-blue," Mr Vostinar said.

He described the collection as being like sketches in clay.

"The intention was a free outpouring of ideas expressed in a minimalist way and on a small scale. There was no preconceived idea, only that they were all to be humanoid in shape, creating a mass of humans swarming and cavorting.

"It was a challenge to do 100 completely unique forms - but I thought 100 was a good number to aim for. I started off really well, but after about 20 I ground to a halt. So then I had to go find some new ideas," Mr Vostinar said.

"They're small, they're quite simple, but I can feel chuffed that there's enough variety and enough interest in them."

Mr Vostinar said he would like to explore some of the shapes on a larger scale.

"In time I will do full kiln-sized versions of some of my favourites," he said. All the sculptures are for sale, ranging in price from The Creator at $400 down to Pimp Squeak at $30.