Red faced after driving mishap

Ruamahanga Ramblers

Michael Macklin might have taken fastest time honours when the Ruamahanga Ramblers staged an event on Forman Jury Road last week, but it has to be said his pre-race preparation didn't exactly go to plan.

Macklin pulled over to the side of the road when driving to the start line to let another vehicle past but unfortunately his own car got struck in a deep grass filled ditch in the process.

It was safely retrieved after the event but as the runners had to go past it twice during the race there was much good-natured banter about his predicament.

As one wag put it, he is the fastest runner but next time a gravel road is involved he's almost certain to be the slowest driver!

Greg Lang was also the butt of humour as he measured the course with his car and there was obviously something wrong with his odometer (or his eyes) as what he initially thought was a 5km course turned out to be 5.9km. It was a little confusing for athletes who each time they got to a rise in the road were looking for the "turn back" sign and it never seemed to come!

As to the actual results, it was Macklin again who claimed fastest time honours over the 5.9km run, Steve Edge had a slight advantage in the walk and Jack Britland won over 2km.

Times were:-

2km: Jack Britland 8.48, Ben Saywell 8.58, Samantha Duthie 9.47, Jessica Duthie 11.49, Jacob Moloney 13.19, Xavier Bush 13.20, Paige Bush 15.50, Lewis Bush 15.51, Donna Saywell 18.54, Linda Sage 18.54, Stephanie Young 22.32, Wendy Taylor 22.32.5

5.9km run: Michael Macklin 21.47, Adam Moloney 23.26, Hugh Taylor 24.54, Paul Furkert 24.56, Malcolm McDonald 25.46, Greg Lang 26.50, John Sage 28.10, Craig Bird 28.36, Michael Duthie 29.04, Steve Britland 29.25, Nicholas Bailey 32.42, Tessa Southey 33.26, Susan Southey 33.44, Ray Wallis 34.10, Ray Haste 34.12, Hannah Lang 38.58.

5.9km walkers: Steve Edge 43.51, Cath Wedderburn 44.40, John Ihaka 46.10, Ali Lang 46.26, Corlette Doherty 52.49, Linda Fairbrother 54.03, Angela Bush 57.15, Liz Farley 57.15, Lorraine Moloney 57.15, Monica Hobbs 62.43, Wendy Burkhart 62.43.

- Wairarapa Times-Age

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