A Masterton woman was convicted on Thursday of assaulting a child, after punching a 10-year-old girl, who was related to her, in the face, outside the grounds of the girl's school this month.

The woman, 35, pleaded guilty before Judge Tony Walsh and was remanded for sentence with a requirement for a pre-sentence report.

Police prosecutor Jodie Lawrence said the woman had seen the girl outside the school and wanted to speak with her about her behaviour.

The woman had raised her left arm and punched the child directly in her face, causing her to fall to the ground, suffering a swollen nose and lip which required medical attention.


The woman's lawyer, James Elliot, said she had gone to the school in connection with her own children, and she had seen her relative leaving "to play truant". Mr Elliot said she was upset with the girl because of her behaviour toward another relative, who was caring for her.

Judge Walsh said he appreciated "you were stressed and angry, but you can't go round punching children in the head".